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The 1st Annual National Bible Institute Lectureship/Banquet was A GREAT SUCCESS. It increased our "FAITH BEYOND OUR COMFORT ZONE". All speakers, with the exception of the women lectures, will be posted on this web site by December 1, 2013. The women Lectures were recorded via DVD, and all 4 speakers can be attained by emailing NBI at

Our first fund raising campaign at the Banquet on November 2, 2013 was very successful. However, we still need funding for the following reasons:

  1. To train more instructors to teach students and to provide instructors a small stipend to off-set some of their general expenses.
  2. To create and maintain online courses (undergraduate & graduate).
  3. To maintain our reoccurring administration costs.
  4. To allow our Africa and Haiti students to take the online and campus classes free.

Please donate today to help us in this Word of God centered work. You can donate in the following ways:

  1. Our PayPal Donation Feature (click here)
  2. Send checks or money orders to:
        National Bible Institute
        3308 Old Jonesboro Road
        Hapeville, GA 30354
  3. Call 770-996-3497 to leave us a message.
  4. You can also donate a vehicle. If it is inoperative, we have staff members that will pick it up at no charge to you.

We need your prayers as well as financial support.
Thank you in Advance, Dr. Herbert Moore


The Gospel of Jesus Christ (The Good News), is to be taught to every nation and trickle down to every person. This is God's Will for mankind as he or she becomes an earthen vessel for God (Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-16, 2 Corinthians 4:7). Every person has a Soul and must work out their salvation (Philippians 2:12).

The main purpose of the National Bible Institute is to teach God's Word in such a way that a commitment to God's Will becomes self-evident in lives of our students (Acts 4:13), thus, equipping and motivating them to teach others.

The world needs to be filled with the Gospel of Christ, as the 1st century Church did (Colossians 1:23, Acts 17:6). In short, the greatest need of our day is for each individual that has the ability to discern right from wrong, endeavor to be a servant for the Most High God.

May God Bless Our Efforts!

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